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  • Editor game world (Game Map)
  • Mouse XY position indicator
  • Keyboard shortcut to scroll to game center in the editor
  • Quick zoom (Digital Zoom, exponential progression)
  • Fine-grained zoom (Analog Zoom, precise)
  • Keyboard shortcut to reset zoom
delicate zoom
  • Keyboard shortcut to zoom while simultaneously zooming the camera
  • Add normal actor
  • Automatic name generator
  • Real time actor name validation
  • Keyboard shortcut to add an actor with one key press
  • Actor rename with real-time name validation
  • Internal view actor
  • Support for multiple cameras (views)
  • Remove actor
  • Remove actor with the keybord
copy paste
  • Clone actor
  • Powerful actor tooltips
  • Actors have modifiable pivot points
  • Actors can have a "smoothing", antialiasing enabled
  • Actor pivot point display
snap guidelines
  • Actor bounding box display
  • Actor box background display
  • Accessing actor through click
  • Moving actor with the mouse
  • Moving actor with the keyboard
context scale
  • Moving actor through the pivot point
  • Advanced actor auto snap mode
  • Guidelines
  • Better cursors
  • Keyboard shortcut to scroll to selected actor
context rotation
  • Actor Control (AC)
  • AC: section folding
  • AC: Actor list combo box switcher
  • AC: Moving actor through a spin button
  • AC: Direction locking
  • AC: Set actor parent option
  • Actor transformations in "Transformation mode"
  • AC: Actor transformation - Width and height
  • AC: Actor transformation - Width and height in Aspect Ratio
  • AC: Actor transformation - scale %
color dropper
  • AC: Actor transformation - rotation
  • AC: Actor transformation - rotation by a multiple of 90o
  • AC: Actor tint (colorize)
  • AC: Actor tint from using color dropper
  • AC: Actor transparency scale + spin button
  • AC: Actor z-depth scale + spin button
  • AC: Actor horizontal and vertical flip
  • AC: Camera zoom property
  • AC: Add Animation
  • Add animation window
  • Better animation preview
add animation
  • Automatic crop of single-file animation sprites
  • AC: Edit Animation
  • AC: Remove Animation
  • AC: Animation switcher
  • AC: Play animation toggle button
  • Actor right-click context menu
game mode
  • Global right-click context menu
  • Play all animations at once from the global right-click context menu
  • Stop all animations at once from the global right-click context menu
  • Cameras (View actors) are rotatable, scalable and multiple cameras can co-exist.
  • Game Mode
  • Performance in Game Mode
  • Preferences Window
  • Preferences: Show/Hide grid
  • Preferences: Enable grid snap
  • Preferences: Main color
  • Preferences: Resolution color
  • Preferences: Horizontal and Vertical grid size
  • Preferences: Dark theme switch
  • Preferences: Full screen editor mode
  • Preferences: Advanced actor snap and guidelines settings
  • Game Properties window
  • Game properties: Game resolution change
  • Game properties: Windowed/Full screen mode
  • Game properties: Show/Hide mouse in the game
  • Game properties: Suspend game if lost focus
  • Game properties: Use ESC key to exit the game
game properties
  • Game properties: Icon file
  • Game properties: Game title
  • Game properties: Game background color
  • Game properties: Decorated/Undecorated window
  • Game properties: Show FPS
  • Concept for game development
engine settings
  • Modern, fast, cross-platform dynamic GUI
  • Custom CSS theming
  • Debug mode with a console and inspecto
  • Engine settings
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