Aha! You are probably wondering if it is good enough or what will it offer more than the rest of the game engines.
This program will grow heavily adapted from what the users need.


RAD++ environment created in C, smooth editor experience even on older PCs. Performant output.

Ease of use

Almost no technical knowledge involved, No steep learning curve. Just install and start making games.

Free to use

The fully featured version will be free to use. Profitable monthly subscription for game publishing, dev tools and kind support!

No compilation

WYSIWYG RAD environment, quick prototyping, no compilation. Plug-in for real time editing (edit while playing).

Rich features

Pretty much everything that people want. There will be a public vote and discussions for extra features.


Absolute user control over theming, full built-in plug-in support, internal and external engine settings.

game-editor 1

Although mostly inactive since 2010~, the predecessor Game-Editor has achieved notable success in several aspects. Quite known for how easy it is to use.


Games being made


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Call To Action

If you are interested in this project, please consider becoming a patron (PayPal and Ko-Fi options are also available). It is currently the only thing I do and want to do. Take advantage of the additional patreon benefits and be part of something that needs to grow.


About Me

The first program I ever run on a computer was game-editor. Just like many 10 year old kids I thought it is fun to play games, but to create one was more fullfilling and so I never stopped shaping myself as an application developer since then. Though, I did create a couple of games too

My Mission

My mission is to create a development environment where anyone at any age could make good games, then upload them and never worry about advertisement and monetization.

My Plan

Prototype - done, closed beta - done, promo - done, announcement - in progress. Next, I am going to be working on the first public release.
I will be conforming to the unix philosophy:
"Release soon, release often"!

My Vision

From what I observed, almost every single person plays games and the number of active gamers across the world keeps growing.The market needs game IDEs that are very flexible, easier to use and faster to work with.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me for an opinion, suggestions, partnership, and anything alike.



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