Top Security Chat?

  • Symmetric end-to-end X-Salsa20 encryption + custom obfuscating compression algorithm
  • Unthreatened by format attacks and memory scanner/debuggers (Boötes Void Allocator)
  • Software DRM technology to prevent obtaining screenshots
  • 3 automatic message removal modes
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Virus total integration for file sharing
  • Full-duplex architecture with IP address masking.

Just like any other chat application, Top Security Chat offers a veriety of covenience features

  • Syntax-highlighted code snippets (defined by regex syntax files, comes with C syntax file out-of-the-box)
  • Fast file transfer, embedded file anchors, previews and embedded image lightbox

This is a special-purpose software and as such, it aims to be as useful as possible only to a single person or organisation where the demand for secure connection is strongly pronounced.

The version I'll publicly release as a celebration for my 100th supporter will not be personalized and will be most likely lacking file transfer. Probably not free of bugs as well.

If you have an offer for this software,
please contact me on my email:
I can sell the source code at the price of 10.000$ (including up to month of additional work on it), but I cannot be full-time responsible for the development of it due to the main project I am working on - Game-Editor 2.

Boötes Void Allocator

Secure memory management and allocator. Used only by Chat

The memory it allocates can be locked, encrypted and scattered everywhere. Never leaks. Re-entrancy signals self-destruction and can capture SIGSEGV. Features allocation groups. Free a group with one function call or free all memory with one function call. Features "foreach-group" and "foreach-all" functions. Stores memory region size in a NAI header.